All buildings are equipped with a bath, toilet, and bedding (bed mat, comforter, and pillow).Hot water and air conditioning are coin-operated.
Hot water and air conditioning are coin-operated (100 yen per 10 minutes for hot water, 100 yen per hour for air conditioning).

A two-door refrigerator and microwave oven are provided.

Precautions and prohibitions

In order for everyone to enjoy nature and use our campground facilities comfortably, please strictly observe the following
If you are not considerate to the neighboring users and aim to make a big scene, we will ask you to
We will immediately remove all visitors, remove them from the premises, prohibit them from entering or leaving the premises, and report them to the relevant authorities.

・Please be sure to use bed sheets.
・Barbecue stoves must be used outside on the wooden deck. No open flames are allowed on the bungalow terrace.
・Open fires are prohibited. Please use a fire pit.
・The power outlet in each bungalow is limited to 300 watts. If you exceed this limit, it will affect other bungalows.


・Fireworks (to prevent forest fires) *Only hand-held fireworks are allowed.
・Fireworks that make loud noise, such as firecrackers and rocket fireworks
・Music, loud voices, strange noises, and other activities that may disturb other users.
・Use of household electrical appliances
(especially high-capacity ones, which may cause power shortage problems in other bungalows).

(Those who do not abide by the above rules will be forcibly evicted and banned from the premises.)

Please note that the following is a request for customers with pets.

With the cooperation of all pet owners, we are now a pet-friendly campground!
Recently, we have noticed a number of people with bad pet manners, and we have received complaints from other guests.
We ask for the cooperation of all owners in keeping manners to a minimum.

・Please be sure to dispose of feces by the owner (do not leave feces on the grounds).
・Please clean the bungalow easily after use to prevent hair from remaining in the bungalow.
・Please clean up after using the bungalow so that no hair is left behind.
・Please keep your dog on a leash inside the bungalow.
・No leashes are allowed inside the rooms, but please keep your pet on a leash.
 (1) Brushing before entering the room
 (2) Wearing mannered pants
・Please bring adhesive tape for loose hair (required).
・Please do not leave your dog alone in the room. Please do not leave your dog alone in the room, as it may become anxious, bark, or damage the room.
・We will charge an additional 2,000 yen for room cleaning for long-haired dogs.